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NEWS 20060403
this year i've taken off has given me perspective. i am calmer, clearer, more in tune with the world. i also got my glasses prescription changed, so my punches are always on target (and delivered away from the eyes of any spectators). counselling was shite. karma owes me. bigtime.
the secretary

NEWS 20060320
and return now to your regularly scheduled programming...
stuffed returns in 2006

NEWS 20050225
jewellbong couldn't be stuffed for a while. and hence, i have been out of work. lazy asshat. though the time off did give me the opportunity to turn down numerous roles in adult movies - this was good for the ego, but not for the purse.
the secretary

NEWS 20041004
"in times of darkness there is always light. in times of turkey, there is always stuffing. get stuffed."
the capt'n

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